Keep track of when your employees clock in and out of work!

No more mistakes! Update your schedule to reflect the actual hours worked using our simple tool.

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Download our Time Clock application on your tablet

Our application, which is available on iOS and Android, gives you access to all the features offered by our Time Clock package!

Download the app, set up your management rules (tolerance for tardiness, validation by teams, clocking in and out for breaks, etc.,) and that's it! You can have your time clock up and running in just a few minutes!

All the necessary information is saved by the Time Clock and synchronized with your Skello account.

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See when your employees clock in and out from your Skello account

The Time Clock was designed as a fast, easy way to keep track of when your employees are working, make sure they're respecting their break times, and monitor overtime. It provides an accurate view of your employees' work hours.

From your Skello account, you can keep track of when your employees clock in and out and adjust your schedule accordingly!

You can also be notified by text message if an employee is severely late.

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A unique, confidential PIN for each employee

Each employee receives a personal PIN by email or text, which you can reset at any time.

Whenever they start or end a day of work, your employees enter their personal PIN into the Skello application.

With Skello, your employees are held accountable, and your HR management is simplified!

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Activate employee signatures

Do you want to check who has clocked in and make sure your employees are present, even if they are offline?

Our Time Clock application asks your employees to sign on the tablet to confirm when they arrive at work.

Validate your employees' work hours with peace of mind thanks to Skello!

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They chose our service

The time clock lets us keep track of when our employees clock in to work, all across our network. It boosts trust and increasesaccountability on their side at the same time!

Sandra Soltane
HR Manager, Lunettes pour tous

With the Skello time clock, I can keep track of my employees' working hours in real time. I love it!

jordan arzoine, client de Skello
Administrative & Financial Director, Hôtel Marignan

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