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Flexible scheduling that adapts to how you work

Know exactly how many employees are working each day, down to the minute. View schedules by day, by week, or by month. Print sign-in sheets and schedules in any format you like.

Keep an eye on your structure and monitor daily performance. Do you have specific performance goals you are trying to reach? Keep track of them thanks to the different schedule views offered by Skello.

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All your constraints are taken into account

Skello automatically takes into account all the relevant rules and constraints, whether legal, structural, or specific to your company!

Collective agreements, employee availability, different types of contracts, requests for time off – Skello notifies you of any schedule conflicts that may come up!

Compare your provisional schedule with the hours that are actually worked, monitor how many hours each employee works, make sure they don't work more overtime than is allowed by their contract, and more.

Skello is more than just a scheduling tool: it helps you optimize your schedules and personnel management from A to Z!

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Skello, a custom-made tool

As soon as you join Skello, you will be assigned a personal coach who will advise you and help you set up your account!

With Skello, you can organize everything according to your establishment's specific requirements and set different access levels for your employees.

As soon as any question arises, feel free to use our chat, or contact your personal coach! At Skello, we're always happy to help.

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Do you use a rotating work schedule? Skello is the best tool for you!

Do you have recurring schedules that vary by month or by season? Do you use rotating shifts?

No problem! Skello can adapt to your method by allowing you to save different schedule templates that you can use over and over again. Select one of them and make any changes : it's that simple!

You will never have to create a schedule from scratch again. Optimize your scheduling process and save some valuable time!

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Communicate about schedule changes internally

Have a last-minute change to your schedule? Don't panic, Skello is here for you! Use our app tp easily modify schedules in the blink of an eye, from wherever you are.

In a single click, your changes will be saved and the involved employees will be notified!

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They chose our service

Skello makes it easy for our managers to create schedules that respect labor regulations and our collective agreement.

Sandra Soltane
HR Manager, Lunettes pour tous

The scheduling feature is a simple tool – it lets you click and drag shifts to create schedules as quickly as possible.

Jean-Michel Roulet
Manager, Biocoop

My favourite part of Skello is the overtime tracker – it's the best. It's so easy to schedule my employees for time off in lieu!

Nicolas Dumas
Director of Operations, Café Coutume

Do you manage HR planning in any of these industries?

Take the leap!

Manage your schedules online, optimize your personnel management, and free up your schedule.

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