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Import all your HR document templates. And we mean all of them.

Our tool is compatible with all your HR document templates, including contracts, amendments, certificates, and extensions of probationary periods. In a single click, you can import, activate, or deactivate them according to your needs. Take back control of your business.

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Generate employee documents in a single click

Choose the document you want to generate. In a single click, your document will be personalized for your employee and ready to be signed! Have an additional employee coming in as an emergency replacement? Need to make an urgent change to a contract? No problem, Skello's got you covered.

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All your documents are stored and organized in your employees' personal account

Unlimited storage of your documents in your employee's personal space. File and organize your documents any way you like! After all, delegation is one of the keys to success!

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Send the documents you generate directly to your employees

Send documents generated in Skello by email, or print them out to be delivered to your employees by hand.

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Receive a notification when there is missing information

Our module is smart! If anything is missing, it will tell you exactly what needs to be added in order for the document to be valid.

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