Automatically process your employees' payroll!

Generate variable pay elements for all your employees in a single click, then export them in the right format for your payroll software. Processing payroll has never been quicker!

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Automatically generate your variable pay elements

All the specificities of your collective agreement are taken into account, including overtime, extra hours, night shifts, holiday hours, Sunday shifts and more!

Skello provides you with a summary of all the hours due to be paid at a higher rate, according to the pay brackets listed in your collective agreement.

You can also generate a summary of employee absences for a given pay period.

Find all the details about employee contracts and salaries in the same place (types of contracts, work hours, salaries, hourly rates, etc.)

Our software offers complete, flexible accounting reports adapted to suit your structure, which can be exported in Excel format. With Skello, you'll make your accountant's day!

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Do you compensate for your employees' additional hours with time off?

Skello lets you compensate for your employees for overtime with pay or with time off in lieu.

Do you average hours over the course of a month or year? Skello will track the hours your employee goes over or under their usual contract each week for the duration of your choice!

You'll know exactly how many hours you owe your employees, or vice versa. Say goodbye to confusing Excel spreadsheets that need constant updating. Skello will automatically do it for you!

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Skello adapts to more than 15 different payroll programs

Cegid, Sage, Silae, Quadratus...does your accountant use one of these popular programs to handle your employee payroll?

Skello integrates directly with these software programs to save you even more time on payroll. In a single click, you can retrieve all your employees' variable pay elements and absences for a given pay period, and download them in the format your software requires.

No more data entry, no more typos – it's time to automate your payroll processing!

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Add employee bonuses and advances directly into Skello

Would you like to notify your accountant about bonus and advances that have already been paid to your employees?

Nothing could be simpler: just add them to the pay period report and send it to your accountant. That's all there is to it!

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They chose our service

“I love how easily one can add featuresto the reports on Skello. We save so much time when  processing payroll each month.

Marion Lefrere
HR Director, Vertical'Art

It used to take me five days to process payroll each month—now it only takes a few hours.

Jabert Ben Makhlouf
Director of Operations, l’Éclair de Génie

Skello has made monthly payroll processing so much easier. We simply confirm the schedules, and that's it – and there is no risk of error!

Lucie Camail
Head of Finance & Controlling, Adresse Paris

Do you manage HR planning in any of these industries?

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